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Blaze Preview: Anarchist Says 'We Bullied' Obama Into Supporting Gay Agenda & Credits President With Making Him 'Anti-Government


"Things have gotten worse since Barack Obama was elected. And I'm saying this as a leftist."

The Blaze’s Benny Johnson contributed to this report.

As you know, The Blaze spent some time at Netroots last weekend. The so-called leftist "family reunion" was filled with angst-filled progressive attendees who ranged from scornful to supportive of Obama's 2012 candidacy. The speakers, too, offered up some comical, disturbing and down-right memorable content.

We already showed you Howard Dean's screaming antics, one media guru's claim that economic growth is akin to "cancer" and an anti-Walker activist pondering what Adolf Hitler would have done with Fox News. Oh, and who can forget Van Jones' warning that the Tea Party will "decimate" if it continues to gain power? And these examples are only a piece of the overall pie.

On Thursday, The Blaze will be releasing a compilation video showcasing our interviews with a number of Netroots attendees. As we walked around the event and tracked down a diverse group of individuals, we asked them two very simple questions: "How would you grade Barack Obama's first term?" and "What would you like to see Obama do in his second term?" The answers, as you can imagine, fluctuated from surprising to hilarious.

While you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the full video, we have a must-see preview today, featuring an avowed anarchist who told us that "Obama made [him] anti-government."

"Social justice, regarding gays and lesbians, has been pretty solid after we bullied him enough to do that," the leftist activist told us. "Things have gotten worse since Barack Obama was elected. And I'm saying this as a leftist...Barack Obama kind of made me anti-government."

This, of course, is only a snippet of his commentary. Wait until you hear him grade the president and describe the meaning of anarchy. Watch the preview clip, below (and stay tuned for the full video, tomorrow):

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