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Drink F***ing Water!': Blaze Investigates NYC Big Drink Ban (And Guess How Many Calories We Consumed?)



The Blaze's Benny Johnson Contributed to this report

By now most have heard about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's war against what he considers unhealthy eating -- especially his most recent plan to outlaw sugary beverages in excess of 16 ounces from being sold at food establishments across the Big Apple. After previously enacting another measure which prohibits food donations made to soup kitchens and homeless shelters on the basis of its perceived sodium content, Bloomberg is perhaps proving once again, his affinity for the Nanny State.

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If passed, the ban would apply to delis, restaurants, fast food establishments, ballpark kiosks, 7-11s, and even the beverage giant Starbucks, among others. While most argue the move is out of touch with the idea of personal freedom and responsibility, others think that "forcing" people to make better eating and drinking choices is a positive. But if that is the case, what would be next? If large sodas are deemed a menace enough to society that they need to be outlawed, then, by that same logic, wouldn't ice cream Sundays, extra-large pizzas, buffalo wings, and 40-ounce bottles of beer be verboten as well?

I took to the streets of Manhattan to find out how everyday consumers feel about this limitation on their personal choices -- and even the "Naked Cowboy" weighed in.


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