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Wild Vid: 18-Month-Old Flung from SUV During High-Speed Police Chase...and Walks off Unharmed


"All that with a baby in the backseat?"

When 17-year-old Kenny Shawn Jimenez robbed 19-year-old Chelsea Betenbough at gunpoint in west Texas on Saturday, she rhetorically asked him, "All that with a baby in the backseat?"

But witnessing the robbery was one of the calmer points of the night for the 18-month-old.

After a high-speed chase ensued and the getaway vehicle barrel rolled, the baby was flung from the window of the car and, miraculously, walked off with only a few scratches.

In police-cruiser video released Monday, the toddler can actually be seen popping right back up and going after the vehicle with her arms out, before a woman jumps out of the car and swoops her up. Reports indicate that Jimenez is her father.

Watch the incredible video, via KCBD-TV, below:

According to the victim, the preceding robbery took place in a parking lot in Lubbock, Texas.

She explained: "[He] turned around and was like, 'no, give me your purse' and me not really thinking, I was like 'no.'  He said, 'I will shoot you, give me your purse...'"

At the time, not only did she see a baby in the backseat, but she also saw two 16-year-old girls and a 14-year-old boy.

According to the New York Daily News, police eventually busted the teens-- two of whom were hiding in a woman's backyard.

Jimenez was charged with aggravated robbery and injury to a child, but details on the other teens were not released because of their ages.

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