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Here's a free form of contraception I can support


Circulate this article -- that oughtta do the trick.

Many parents today are worried about how they’re going to send their kids to college given the high cost of higher education. But maybe they should be more concerned about the 17 years before the little darlings hit the road.

Food, clothing, and healthcare, are just a few items that can rack up tons of expenses before adulthood. How much? $234,900 for a child born in 2011 to a middle-income family.

That's according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual report, “Expenditures on Children by Families,” released Thursday, which came up with the total by calculating a host of necessities parents doll out the 17 years before adulthood.

Speaking of birth control, Sandra Fluke -- the Georgetown Law student who appeared before Congress this year to beg for free condoms -- offered her official endorsement of President Barack Obama's reelection today on CNN.  Amazingly, the CNN anchor challenged her as to why chronically unemployed young people should vote for Obama:

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