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Beck's Father's Day GBTV Episode Features Infant With Rare, 'Life-Limiting' Condition (See How You Can Help!)


"he has taught me more unconditional love than I could ever imagine."

Last weekend, the Blaze introduced its readers to Jett Boseman, a 6-month-old with a rare genetic disorder that is expected to cut his life drastically short. Due to his condition, Jett's family avoids taking him on airplanes and traveling long distances, crushing his parents' love of flying and travel, which was actually the inspiration for his name in the first place.

Noticing that a T-shirt campaign was started to not only help raise money for Jett's medical costs but also to help him "see the world" -- T-shirt wearers snap photos of themselves in different cities and at landmarks -- Glenn Beck purchased a T-shirt of his own. Wearing it on his morning radio show earlier this week and on GBTV in the evening, Beck took this opportunity to share Jett's story.

Since he first talked about the Bosemans on GBTV Monday evening and began hosting the "Jett B." T-shirt on, sales have taken off. Less than a day after Glenn's debut of the grey-blue shirt to the GBTV audience, about 1,000 T-shirts were sold, raising $20,000 for the family. At the time of this publication, more than 1,330 shirts have been purchased.

In a Father's Day-themed edition of GBTV on Friday, Beck was actually able to host Jett and his father, Cody. Flying Jett and Cody to Dallas to appear on the show, Beck explains how Jett's parents wanted their son to experience the world through this T-shirt campaign dubbed "Jett's Flight Plan" and how he wanted to help them.

Watch the segment featuring the Boseman men:

In the clip, Cody explains what he has learned most as the father of Jett is the power of unconditional love. He says that there are times when life with Jett and be very hard, but "he has taught me more unconditional love than I could ever imagine."

On the blog run by Jett's family but often penned as if Jett himself were writing -- Jett's Flight Plan -- Jett described his visit to the Dallas GBTV studios. He writes:

I took a quick trip to Dallas Texas to meet my friend Glenn Beck.  He was such an awesome guy, it was really really fun to hang out with him. [Mom and Dad] (M&D) were pretty worried about taking me in the airplane and traveling with me all day.  They asked me to bring all of my angel friends along to help me.  So Tuesday morning rolled around, I called all of my angels friends and we were on our way. I know that I had angels with me that day because I felt better than I ever have before.  I was perfect the entire day.  My ears didn't hurt in the airplane, I didn't choke very many times during the day, I only puked a few times, and M&D were able to make me smile.

Jett was diagnosed with Pontocerebellar hypoplasia earlier this year. With this condition, Jett's mother Tennille explained in an interview with the Blaze earlier this week, Jett has daily seizures, is on a feeding tube 20 hours a day and has a gag reflex that requires a machine to help him breath. He is watched 24/7 by his family and friends.

On GBTV, Cody said many with Jett's condition do not live past infancy, although there is one case of a 10 year old that they know of. Even though Tennille said the fact that Jett's condition is most likely "life-limiting" -- that "it could really come at any time" -- she told the Blaze she has learned so much about those with special needs and having him has reframed her perspective on life.

“He represents a population in the world that is not quite understood," Tennille said of the special needs community.

As Jett recently wrote on his blog, with more people wearing his T-shirt and awareness of his condition spreading, he is "soooo excited to see the world" -- even if this is the only way he can for now.

Check out the Jett B. T-shirts here. Read more about Jett on his blog here.

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