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Guess Who Got Frisked at the High-Profile Wedding of Valerie Jarrett's Daughter


"I want to see the dress Michelle Obama wears to the wedding tonight."

(Photo: AP/Carolyn Kaster)

The Obama family was in Chicago for the weekend, at least in part to attend the wedding of Laura Jarrett, the daughter of trusted adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Prior to the occasion, it was mainly in the news because of the enormous cost to Chicago taxpayers, and what it would mean for the safety of the city's residents.  Between 100 and 200 police officers were due to guard the event, and as a source for the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out, "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we could be using those cops for something else."   In the midst of Chicago's dramatic rise in homicides, the concern is understandable.

On top of that, it was also reported that the city of Chicago would not be reimbursed by the federal government for the expenses, despite the fact that it is the national profile of the attendees that makes such thorough security measures necessary.

And it seems that they were taking no chances at the high-profile wedding.  Reports now say that everyone-- even young children-- were frisked before being allowed to enter.  Reuters and Getty images have photos of a little girl in a pink dress holding out her arms while being frisked, and the Associated Press has at least one of a boy in blue either being frisked, or patted down.

Considering that the first family and, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Attorney General Eric Holder were present, however, it is understandable to take such precautions.

Arriving in Chicago Friday evening, the first family reportedly caused road closures and traffic interruptions until their official departure Sunday night.

Right before the wedding started, two light aircraft were intercepted on Saturday afternoon by an F15 fighter jet dispatched from NORAD in Colorado Springs for violating airspace restrictions in place for the president's visit, though reports say he was in no danger. 

Check out NBC5's analysis of the event, below:

Valerie Jarrett is a longtime friend and trusted adviser of the Obama family.  She is well-known among conservatives because of her reported position of influence within the administration, and because she was caught on tape praising former "green jobs" czar Van Jones before he left the White House because of his radical connections. 

Despite the cost incurred by their visit, many in Chicago seemed thrilled to host some of their most famous former residents. 

"I want to see the dress Michelle Obama wears to the wedding tonight," excited neighbor Mary Ann Smothers said.

"I took pictures of every black car in the motorcade, and waved to every one of them, because I didn't know which the president was in."

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