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Mexican president: Muchos gracias, Señor Obama

A fallen barbed wire fence is the only barrier between Mexico and the United States as illegal migrants cross near the town of Sasabe, state of Sonora, Mexico in this file photo taken Thursday, April 1, 2004. U.S. Border Patrol officials are seeing a significant increase in the number of illegal immigrants being smuggled through what's known as the Sasabe corridor southwest of Tucson. (AP Photo/Guillermo Arias, File) Original Filename: BUSY_CORRIDOR_LA501.jpg

Mexican President Felipe Calderon personally thanked President Obama Monday for his executive decision to stop deporting young-adult illegal immigrants.

As the Group of 20 international summit began today, Calderon praised Obama's "valor and courage" for bypassing Congress to implement "unprecedented" short-term immigration reform that many Americans have criticized as amnesty.

In the meantime, another notable Latino is taking a very difference stance against Obama's orders. Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez says the president may have violated his oath of office.

“To halt through executive order the deportation of some undocumented immigrants looks like a political calculation to win Hispanic votes,” Gonzales said Saturday at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, “and subjects him to criticism that he is violating his oath of office by selectively failing to enforce the law.”

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