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And now, a history lesson from the Liberty Treehouse:

200 YEARS AGO TODAY, the United States of America declared war for the 1st time against a foreign nation. WHAT "foreign nation", says you? None other than Great Britain, says we. You heard us, despite that *other* war in 1776 -- perhaps you've heard of it? -- THIS time the Legislative Branch of our newly-formed government *voted* to take up arms against the British Empire. At stake? MORE freedom. Freedom to trade around the world, freedom to NOT be forced to serve in the Royal Navy, freedom to expand U.S. borders. Good stuff. Of course, by the time the war ended (in 1815) Washington, DC had come this close to being burnt to the ground and Native Americans lost a LOT more land, but on the "up" side, the U.S and Canada became BFFs, Frances Scott Key wrote the Best Poem of his life, and, in showing itself as a force to be reckoned with, the United States enjoyed a renewed sense of National Pride.

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