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Will Politician Caught by Wildlife Camera in Sex Act Actually Win $25K for Privacy Violation?


"We have never had any problems with the cameras up until now."

An unnamed Austrian politician was caught in a sexual act by a well-hidden camera whose main purpose was to monitor wildlife in the area. Now, the politician could receive up to $25,000 should the court deem it a violation of privacy laws.

The Daily Telegraph reports the camera placed near Carinthia is unmarked and well away from areas generally trafficked by people. According to Austrian law though, the organization that installed the camera should have received permission to do so and also have posted signage that would indicate surveillance was occurring.

The signs would have served "so visitors could adjust their behavior and avoid the monitored areas," Hans Zeger, the president of a non-governmental organization with an emphasis on data protection, said to the Daily Telegraph.

Carinthia Hunting Society stands by installing the camera:

"I cannot say for sure how many cameras are in operation in forests in Carinthia as they do not have to be registered to us," said Freydis Burgstaller-Gredenegger, the society's manager. "We have never had any problems with the cameras up until now."

The cameras were used by the organization to monitor feeding patterns.

Thus far, the identity of the politician involved remains protected.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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