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Musical Chairs Has Never Been So Cut-Throat: Here's the World Championships Video


Some consider musical chairs child's play. You can hold onto these fond sentiments of the oddly anxiety-inducing game reserved for elementary school birthday parties, but when you get 1,500 adults involved in a challenge where when the music stops your rear needs to be in a seat, it becomes cut-throat. Your dignity is on the line.

Over the weekend, at Amesbury Sports Park in Massachusetts a crowd gathered amidst a field filled with a swath of white folding chairs. Only about 500 of those who showed up participated, according to Wired, but it was a spectacle none the less.

Unfortunately, the event wasn't organized as one huge round, which would have been far more entertaining than breaking it up into heats. Still, watching grown men and women shuffle nervously -- some trying to dance out their unease -- remains a worthwhile sight to see. There were even refs for those "close calls," because, let's be honest, adults would get into a who-sat-down-first battle too.

Check it out:

Here's another video with raw footage:

The founder of the World Musical Chairs Federation Fred Smith had hoped to set a world record with his stint, but he would have had to get more than 8,200 people to achieve that feat.

Mike Sugalski of Nashua was crowed the king of musical chairs and took home a $10,000 for being the last to plant his seat in a seat.

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