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No one believes Obama is actually polling ahead of Romney by 13 points because that would be ridiculous


The findings of a Bloomberg poll released today have everyone... laughing. That's because the results show President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally 53 to 40 percent when essentially every other major poll has the race in a dead heat.

A sampling of what has been said about the poll:

Obama leads Romney by 13 points in new poll. Can that be right? [Christian Science Monitor]

"The poll is pretty clearly an outlier." [Washington Post's resident liberal economics blogger Ezra Klein]

"The Bloomberg poll diverges from several other national polls, which have reflected a much closer race for president." [Wall Street Journal]

Poll Showing Obama Well Ahead Differs From Other Surveys [National Journal]

President Obama Leads Mitt Romney by 4 Billion Points, According to Bloomberg Poll [New York magazine]

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