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Plate-Smashing Brawl Inside L.A. Denny's Goes Exactly How You'd Think


We haven't brought you a restaurant brawl in some time. And we know you secretly clamor for them. So below we've included video of a 2 a.m. Denny's brawl that erupted at Los Angeles-area this weekend. And by now, you can probably guess how it goes.

While the language is hard to understand (and what you can understand deserves a CONTENT WARNING), the video seems to show two groups in a heated argument. Eventually, that argument leads to confrontation. And that quickly leads to a classic, early-morning diner fight complete with plate-smashing, hair-pulling, and people-tackling.

Here's how it unfolded (although the person recording it turned the camera sideways part-way through). By the way, as happens sometimes, there are some unflattering images of woman having to adjust their skirts because of the fighting (which leads to some images of underpants):

A manger told the local CBS station there was currently no estimate of damages. The outlet also reports police issued "several citations" and were working on getting the surveillance video from the restaurant.

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