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'Were Unstoppable': Latina Activist Boasts While Revealing Left's New Push for 'Undocumented American' Term


"now we’re really kind of really pushing for 'undocumented Americans'"

Latina Activist Lorella Praeli victoriously spoke to the program“Democracy Now” on Monday over Obama's executive order on halting deportation.  Praeli is herself an illegal immigrant but was able to graduate from Quinnipiac University in 2o11, which she attended on a scholarship

She is a member of the United We Dream National Coordinating Committee.



  • "I really don’t want to call it the Marco Rubio DREAM Act. It’s not a DREAM Act. It’s not the bill that we’ve envisioned. But I think Marco Rubio did some to open up the political space to talk about this, to talk about it."

  • "And that is not giving him credit; that is just acknowledging that he was one of the players that kind of pushed for this to happen or that allowed us to push for this to happen. And I don’t know—we haven’t gone back."

  • What I would say is that I would find it incredibly difficult, politically, for anyone to come into any future president of the United States, if we have not moved on the congressional front on this, to say, 'I’m just going to take this away from people,' because I think we’ve shown America the contributions that we make. We’re American in every sense of the word, except for we’re not legal."

  • "And we’re going to be able to continue in a very different way to contribute with now being able to enter the job market. And it would be very difficult for someone to say, 'I’m just going to take 800,000 people’s work permit.'"

  • "So I think that we have to pause for a second and just acknowledge what kind of a victory this is. I think this will redefine the immigrant rights movement in this country, and I think we’re taking a lead now. You know, like now we’re—I think we’re unstoppable."

  • "And I think that’s what America is beginning to really embrace. We’re not—you know, I don’t call myself an illegal immigrant. And so, now we’re really kind of really pushing for 'undocumented Americans,' Americans in every sense of the word. And I think America is ready for that. They've shown that on Friday. They show that today. They show it every day in the small interactions that don’t get covered."
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