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Beck Slams Horrific Video of Children Abusing Bus Driver: 'The Kids in This Video Are Dead Inside


"...some old-fashioned ass-whopping..."

Glenn Beck opened his radio show this morning by commenting on one of the week's most disturbing stories -- the vicious attack that middle schoolers waged on Karen Huff Klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor (and grandmother of eight) in Greece, New York.

Beck joined millions of Americans in voicing his outrage after learning about the startling footage that captured the abuse. The video, he told listeners, showcases the negative changes that have occurred in American culture.

"We have lost our way as a society," Beck said. "I saw a video yesterday that was so disturbing that I haven't been able to even watch the whole thing."

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Joining the chorus of voices calling for a deeper look at the elements at play, Beck told Americans that we need to explore "what's happening with our kids." He also discussed the differences that exist between American society in the 1950s and today, claiming that such a spectacle wouldn't have happened decades ago.

"Even [if the students acted that way], the driver would have slammed on the brakes at some point, gotten out of his seat, and administered some old-fashioned ass-whopping with these 12-year-old kids," Beck said of the 1950s. "If not the driver, I do believe there would have been at least a student or two among the 30+ on board who had the guts and decency to stop or at least try to stop it."

He went on to discuss some of the potential causes that have led American youths to such a point, concluding that, "The kids in this video are dead inside."

Watch Beck discuss the disturbing abuse Klein received, below:

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