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Shut the F**k Up': Disturbing Viral Video Shows Middle Schoolers Abusing & Threatening Bus Monitor


" knife would go through you like butter..."

Editor's note: We have added a webcast at the bottom of this post featuring Billy Hallowell and Scott Baker from The Blaze discussing this disturbing story.

Update: We've also posted a new interview with the bus monitor and her call for the students to be punished.  You can see that here.

Prepare to see a disturbing video of young people at their worst. This clip of middle schoolers allegedly abusing a bus monitor is so disgusting, so bothersome that it will leave many wondering what has gone awry in our society. Of course, it is merely one of the many tragic, anecdotal instances of human cruelty that we so often see today. The unbelievable clip is painful to watch, as it shows alleged students from Greece Athena Middle School in Rochester, New York (my hometown) take their abuse to horrific levels.

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The woman purportedly shown in the video, Karen Huff Klein, 68, is victimized incessantly, as students spew insults and obscenities at her. Throughout the clip, the children can be heard in the background calling her "fat," threatening her and making fun of her hairstyle, among other sentiments. Astonishingly, the abuse continues for more than 10 minutes.

Watch the disturbing video (caution: language) below:

According to the Brighton-Pittsford Post, the video was originally posted on Facebook and was later uploaded to YouTube. The version presented above is not the original and was re-posted on the video platform by an individual with the username "CapitalTrigga."

WHAM-TV has more about the incident and the clip, which has gone viral and is beginning to attract national attention:

You can see some students on camera and hear others off camera taunting the woman about her weight.

The students also talk about threatening to go over to the bus monitor's house and steal from her.

Greece Central School District has asked YouTube to take down the video.

Spokeswoman Laurel Heiden said their bullying response and prevention team was activated and all students involved will face disciplinary action.

It's unclear when this incident happened.

The school district believes all the students are in middle school.

Of course, this description is mild when compared to hearing the actual words used in the clip. As can be viewed and heard above, the children told Klein that she looks like a troll and that she should "shut the f**k up" when she tried to defend herself.

Here's a selection of some of the other grotesque comments that were thrown Klein's way in the first minute of the clip:

"Fat ass."

"Oh my God, you're so fat."

"You take up like the whole entire seat."

"Put those glasses back on. I can't stand looking at your face."

When the woman tells the kids that she is crying (presumably as a result of their attacks) they refuse to relent. In fact, one kid can be heard saying that she's shedding tears because "she probably misses her box of Twinkies." Here's more:

"You have refluxes of an elephant," another child can be heard saying.

"She's going to pick out which kid she's going to rape next," another quipped.

"She's going to die of diabetes, because she's so damn fat," said another.

At moments, the youths even poked and attempted to touch the woman, as she sat, for the most part quietly, and allowed their abuse to continue.

"If I stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would go through you like butter because it's all f**king water," another kid said.

Among the comment that hurt the most, Klein told WHAM-TV that one child's statement that she is so ugly that her "kids should kill themselves" was particularly hurtful. Her son committed suicide 10 years ago. Reporter Patrice Walsh tweeted about the interview, claiming that the incident occurred this past Monday:

"Greece Police say they are concerned for safety of students involved and may put officers outside their homes," Walsh also wrote on the social media platform.

"We really have to focus on fact, and we are very concerned about (their) safety. These are most likely 12, 13, 14-year-old kids," Steve Chatterton of Greece Police Department told YNN. "There's people that are posting their addresses online, so we as a police department are concerned about that."

YNN continues, highlighting how Klein is reacting in the wake of the incident:

Klein described the four 7th and 8th graders who harassed her as partners in crime. She said they have been acting up the past couple months but said they've never attacked her like this before.

In hindsight, Klein said she should've taken the phone away from the student. She said she does want the kids who were involved disciplined but said she'll leave it to the district to decide what's appropriate.

Klein said there were about 30 other students on the bus when this was all happening when I asked how they reacted she said most were just talking amongst themselves and ignored it.

A second purported video is also mentioned by the Post. See it here (caution: language):

Klein has worked with the district for 23 years, WHEC-TV reports. She was a bus driver before becoming a bus matron two and a half years ago. School officials and local police are both continuing to investigate, as members of the community voice their outrage.

This story has been updated.

Editor's note: Scott Baker and Billy Hallowell from The Blaze discussed this disturbing story in a webcast that aired live on Wednesday afternoon. You can watch the recorded version below:

UPDATE: Mediaite has posted this heartwarming little kernel of information:

While you can always depend on those attempting to maneuver puberty being little monsters, we can also depend on the kindness of strangers. After the video went viral, a fundraiser was set up online to give the monitor, Karen Klein, a vacation. The goal was $5,000. As of this writing (6pm on June 20th), it’s already nearing $30,000! That’s nearly twice Klein’s yearly income!
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