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Kind of Numb': Abused Bus Monitor Reacts to Vicious Viral Video


“I was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away and it doesn’t work. Trust me, they didn’t go away.”

You've all seen the horrific video of a bus monitor breaking down in tears as a pack of feral middle schoolers attack her verbally and physically. Now, understandably, that same monitor is calling for those students to face consequences for their cruelty. News 13 WHAM reports:

Karen Klein says she heard students on the school bus call her fat but she tried to ignore it.

She didn't realize how bad the taunting was until she watched the YouTube video that has sparked outrage.[...]

"I tried to ignore it...I didn't hear some stuff and tried to shut them out," Klein said.

She was horrified and hurt and she wishes she would have done more to stop the students, but felt helpless.

Klein did tell the bus driver and co-workers about the incident but she didn't think much would come of it.[...]

She believes the students should be punished.

"I don't know if they can be charged," Klein said.

Greece Police have interviewed four of the students, but none have been charged yet.

DemocratAndChronicle.com has more:

Thoroughly understandable reaction, and her question about charges is one that many people would probably like an answer to.

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