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Exclusive: S.E. Cupp to Co-Host New MSNBC Show 'The Cycle


"We're each going to take a turn hosting the 'dinner party.'"

Over the weekend, rumors began to spread that The Blaze and GBTV's S.E. Cupp was tapped to co-host a new television show on MSNBC. The notion that the left-leaning network would include Cupp on a regular program surprised conservatives and even had some pledging to tune into a cable network they rarely watch.

On Sunday, Politico initially reported that unnamed network sources leaked information about the new show, claiming that it would commence in the 3 p.m. ET time slot on June 25. On Thursday, The Blaze confirmed in an exclusive interview with S.E. Cupp that these early reports were accurate and that the show, "The Cycle," is just days away from its premiere.

The news program will feature a permanent cast of four: Author and pundit Touré, Salon's Steve Kornacki and former Democratic Congressional candidate Krystal Ball, in addition to Cupp. The new program will replace Martin Bashir's show, which is moving to the 4 p.m. ET time slot.

According to Cupp, all four cast members will appear daily on "The Cycle," with each taking turns leading the discussion. The main host for the day will open and close the program, potentially lead interviews and take charge of the discussion.

"We're each going to take a turn hosting the 'dinner party,'" Cupp explained.

In addition to confirming the show's details, Cupp expressed enthusiasm for her new role and discussed the importance of her ability to connect with a divergent audience. 

"I think it's incredibly important to go into quote-on-quote unfriendly territory sometimes so that you can have meaningful conversations," she said. "If you just talk in a room full of friends, I don't know that you really accomplish anything."

So far, conservatives have reacted quite positively to the announcement. Earlier this week, this was illustrated through social media reaction captured by Twitchy. It ranged from surprised to somewhat contended that Cupp will be included in the lineup:

And have no fears GBTV fans. Despite her new role, Cupp will remain a fixture on "Real News From the Blaze."

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