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F&F: WH press secretary can't remember slain border agent's name


Clearly getting to the bottom of how American guns were used by Mexican drug cartel members to kill one of our own is not high on the Obama administration's priority list...

And speaking of the Obama administration's role in the Fast and Furious investigation, CBS News has obtained damning emails from ATF officials which show the gunwalking operation was specifically meant to curtail America's gun laws.

"It's like ATF created or added to the problem so they could be the solution to it and pat themselves on the back," says one law enforcement source familiar with the facts. "It's a circular way of thinking."

Today's press briefing was a bruiser for Jay Carney.  He had basic facts about Fast and Furious confused and had to be corrected by members of the press corps:

When he tried to explain how President Obama's decision to use executive privilege to shield Attorney General Holder from the House's subpoena was based on "principle," the entire White House press corps erupted in laughter:

Finally, Carney also tried to spin his way out of President Obama's own condemnation of executive privilege from 2007:

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