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Scam? Bullied Bus Monitor's Fundraiser Tries Fundraising For Himself


"Will he use the money to benefit others like Klein or helped fund anti-bullying causes, or will he splurge on himself?"

People are often the most easily scammed when they feel empathy for another person. This is why embarrassing, fake "charity" efforts like Kony 2012 frequently manage to make out quite well before their scam-like nature gets outed.

Sadly enough, Kony 2012 might not be the only fundraising effort to use peoples' empathy for venal purposes this year. There have been early warning signs that the man behind the fundraiser to get abused bus monitor Karen Klein a vacation (which has currently raked in over $300,000) may be running such a scam. The evidence is too thin to condemn him yet, and indeed, it may all be an innocent misunderstanding, but if this story from the Atlantic is any guide, questions should be asked:

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