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Watch Beck Take His Message to Canada's Sun News: 'Best Way to Solve Poverty Is to Make People Uncomfortable in it


"'ll like Glenn's message."

On Wednesday night, Canada's Sun News aired a special one-on-one interview with Glenn Beck. Host Brian Lilley delved into a plethora of issues surrounding Beck's standing with the liberal media and his take on the socio-political schema.

From debunking media claims against the popular radio and television host to discussing issues of prime importance, Lilley and Beck had a robust discussion.

In an introduction for the special program, Lilley, host of "Byline," defended Beck against some of the claims that have been waged against him by the mainstream media. He said, in part:

"The liberal media thinks Glenn Beck is crazy. They don't like him and they don't like his message. I promise you this, though: If you like my message, smaller government, pro-family, pro-liberty, standing up for the little guy that's just trying to do his best each and every day to scrape by, well if you like that message, then you'll like Glenn's message."

Lilley went on to call Beck "genuine, warm and engaging." Watch the introduction to the special program, below:

During the interview, the two media figures discussed Israel, the Greek financial crisis, Jesus, charitable giving and plenty more. As Beck described the notion that society must take care for those who cannot care for themselves, he also invoked Ben Franklin in, saying that "the best way to solve poverty is to make people uncomfortable in it."

He also had a powerful message for churches in America, urging them to remind congregants that it is a personal responsibility to help those who are less fortunate.

Watch the dialogue, below:

(H/T: Sun News Network)

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