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Wild Arrest Video: Naked Man Begs to Roll Down Hill Like a Worm, Tries to Eat Gum Off Sidewalk


"Let me inch like an inch worm!"

Remember those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials. Well, this is your brain on drugs.

A naked man apparently high as a kite was arrested in front of the home of supermodel Miranda Kerr and her beau, Orland Bloom, on June 12. And there's video to show just how crazy his antics were.

"I'm going to roll down the hill," he says. "Let me inch like an inch worm! Let me inch like an inch worm!" Soon after, he notices a piece of gum stuck to the sidewalk and tries to eat it while police are cuffing him: "Oh, there's a piece of gum!"

TMZ has the video:

L.A. Weekly has more:

While on the cartops, photos posted to Reddit show him trying to gnaw off the radio antennae of a nice silver Toyota.

The UK Mirror reports that he was then "tackled to the ground by police near to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom's home after screaming that he was high on drugs."

LAPD responders reportedly found him face-down in the street with his arms out, mimicking an airplane.

"But when officers tried to approach the deranged individual," writes the Mirror, "he dived head-first into a shrubbery, leaving just his naked legs hanging out of the bushes."

And yes, there are pictures:

You can see more pictures here. If you dare.

It's not clear if the man was actually on drugs as he claimed, but as we've seen recently, it's not uncommon for people high on "bath salts" to strip naked.

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