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Gay White House Visitors to Appear on MSNBC

Gay White House Visitors to Appear on MSNBC

...But not because they flipped off Reagan.

Earlier today, the Blaze posted a story that quickly spiked to unprecedented levels of traffic. The story, written by Madeleine Morgenstern, told a sordid tale about how a group of gay activists who visited the White House today decided to completely disrespect the setting by giving the middle finger to a portrait of former President Ronald Reagan.

Unsurprisingly, this blatant display of disrespect does not sit well with most people. So when we checked back on the Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with the people in question, we expected to see some sort of walk-back after all the outrage this story generated.

No such luck. Instead, what we discovered was that one of the participants - Zoe Strauss - had protected her Twitter account from public viewing, thus cutting herself off from reactions altogether:

Fortunately, this newfound desire for privacy didn't completely extend to Strauss' facebook account, where she simply posted the following:

Yet while perusing the over 60 comments left on this status, we searched in vain for any acknowledgment of wrongdoing. Rather, the tenor of Strauss' writing sounded overwhelmingly like a Scooby Doo villain ("I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids"). Indeed, the only regret we can connect with her is the regret that apparently the photos were published without permission, and out of context:

What kind of context would make this blatant lack of respect less objectionable we can't imagine, but whatever gets Strauss through the five stages of grief.

Strauss' fellow middle fingerer, Matty Hart, was less forthcoming, simply referring to the chain of events as a "crazy ass" day, yet still expressing no regrets. However, one particular update on his wall caught our eye:

At first we thought this might mean that Hart and his co-activists would appear on MSNBC to explain themselves for having raised the finger at a dead ex-President. But was it turned out, this was not at all what was going on. Oh, MSNBC was going to have some of the people who went to the White House last Friday on alright, but not to talk about this. Rather, they were having the activists on to talk about how they themselves were victims for completely unrelated reasons.

You see, along with obscene gestures at an ex-President, something else happened at the White House last Friday which has gained viral traction. Namely, a transgendered man named Scout filmed himself proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Liz Margolies. Margolies said yes. But that's not where the story ends - you see, the happy couple put the video on Youtube, a decision which evidently prompted a very strong reaction. Watch the video below:

Unsurprisingly, given the odd nature of the participants, not all of the reaction to this proposal has been positive. In fact, a good chunk of it has been negative. This upsets Margolies and Scout, who have taken to the internet to defend their love:

It is this controversy, not the one over Reagan being flipped off, that MSNBC proposes to cover. Now, if these two people were being genuinely harassed and felt physically unsafe, then we would agree that MSNBC should give them airtime. However, we feel compelled to note that all of this sound and fury by Scout and Margolies is being done not over physical assaults, nor apparently over actual personalized death threats, but merely over Youtube comments. In case readers don't know, Youtube comment threads are infamous for being inundated with trolls, profanity-spewing teenagers and the occasional genuine bigot. None of these people should be respected enough to be able to insult anyone.

So in other words, unless we're missing something, MSNBC is devoting an entire segment on one of its weekend show to talking to people who have apparently not experienced a particularly noteworthy or unique form of disrespect, internet-based or otherwise.

Unlike posing in front of a picture of one of the most beloved recent politicians with your middle fingers up, and then showing absolutely no remorse for it.

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