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Hole-in-One? Incredible Video of Golfer Landing a 178 MPH Ball Inside a Moving Mercedes

(YouTube: Screenshot)

A favorite for driving range junkies -- aside from actually hitting the 300-yard marker with a golf ball -- is to start pelting the ball collector when he makes his appearance in the caged vehicle. Nailing a moving target is a challenge and is sure to leave a dent, so you wouldn't necessarily advise playing this game with a $200,000 car. Still, that's just what Mercedes Benz and British pro golfer Jake Shepherd did -- and the car's exterior went unscathed.

Making this unique hole-in-one into a Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster set a new world record for furthest golf shot caught in a moving car -- yes, there is a Guinness World Record for shooting a golf ball into a moving vehicle. The shot went about 275 meters.

Given that the ball was actually being aimed for the inside of the car and driver David Coulthard was trying to catch it (not with his hand, but rather have it land in the car), you can see that he took the precaution of wearing a helmet just in case the ball chose to land on him.

Check it out:

In this footage you can follow the ball in flight:

For those skeptics who may be thinking this could be a hoax, the official videos are hosted on the Mercedes Benz UK YouTube channel and Mercedes has formally announced the news on its website.

So, here's your standardized test question of the day: If Shepherd hit the ball at 178 miles per hour, and Coulthard was driving at 120 miles per hour and the ball traveled a distance of 275 meters, about how far away might Coulthard have had to be to reach that speed in order to be in the proper location catch the ball? Note, this is a rhetorical question; don't expect us to provide an answer for it.

Here Coulthard and Shepherd explain how they made it work:

(H/T: Yahoo News!)

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