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New Series: Get Cozy With Navy SEALs as They Describe Their Lives and What Happens When the Bullets Fly


"Special Ops personnel can let their guard down and tell the real story to people they can trust."

From left to right: Chris Kyle, Chris Osman, Brandon Webb and moderator Patrick (Photo: SOFREP)

Where else are you going to hear the ins and outs of combat, battlefield stress, hazing antics, and other insider information from former Navy SEALs over a couple of cold ones? Unless you know a good corner pub where they all seems to gather and reveal these details, you probably should check out the SOFREP's series "Inside the Team Room."

The 27-part series launched a couple months ago in an effort to share a perspective that "Hollywood production companies often get it very wrong." According to SOFREP's (Special Operation Forces Report) TV website, the series was also created as a medium where "Special Ops personnel can let their guard down and tell the real story to people they can trust."

The series, which began on April 29, features former SEALs Chris Osman, Chris Kyle and Brandon Webb and is moderated by Pat Kilbane.

Kyle's name may be ringing a bell for many Blaze readers. The Blaze has covered Kyle several times, including his bar fight with Jesse Ventura, his interview with Bill O'Reilly about "enemy Iraqis" (regarding his book), and the fact that he is probably the "deadliest SEAL sniper in U.S. history."

In the most recent episode -- episode 10 -- the SEALs are asked about combat. "When the bullets start flying, what goes through your mind?" Kilbaned started off.

Kyle shared his thoughts first, saying that training goes into autopilot and that, to the crew, the events are so routine they joke with each other throughout. It's after it's over that the feelings sink in.

"You're cool under fire," he said. "But it's when the fire stops, and then when everything is done is when your heartbeat starts to spike."

Osman jumped in emphasizing that "you get used to it," while Webb likens it to skydiving, saying there is a similar a rush nervous excitement and anticipation. "But when you step off that ramp, it all goes away," he said.

The crew then goes on to discuss the consequences of what can happen when you don't just "let your training take over." Watch the rest of the episode (Content Warning: being that these are SEALs being candid, there is some strong, adult language):

In an earlier episode -- episode 4 -- the guys discuss peer pressure. After describing a couple instances were men in their platoon were "turds," they get to talking about the pressure there is to continually move up, succeed and get rid of those in whom they sense weakness (Warning: Strong, adult language):

Check out this first episode where they talk about why they decided to become a SEAL and what they did before -- hold out to see which one rode in rodeo shows (Warning: Strong, adult language):

Watch more episodes on SOFREP's website (where you can find episodes on hazing and combat stress) here.

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