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Nothing's Been Touched': Fully-Loaded Cold War Supply Room Found at Calif. High School


"... biscuit containers, tongue depressors, bandages, commode liners, plastic cups..."

(Image: Auburn Journal video screenshot)

You might not call it a gold mine, but behind a locked door at a California high school a wealth of Cold War-era supplies, preserved for what's estimated to be nearly 60 years, were recently found.

The room at Placer High School hid a stash survival supplies that were completely untouched for years, according to Sacramento's CBS Local. The supplies are hypothesized to have been placed there around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Auburn Journal has more on what was found:

Stacks of biscuit containers, tongue depressors, bandages, commode liners, plastic cups, and even containers of clear water were neatly stacked, all seemingly awaiting the day students would be rushed from their classes to escape a nuclear attack.

A school representative said the stash is probably just being discovered now because it was not a very accessible room, and no one bothered looking into the matter after the door was locked and sealed. The representative also said it was eventually found when the school began to repaint its nearby weight room.

Watch the local CBS report on the find:

Local resident Doug Randall said it was "always rumored" a bomb shelter was at the high school, according to the Journal. Now, he believes, the rumors have been confirmed.

Retired Placer athletic director Bill Flake said when he first came to the school in 1961, the survival supplies were already there. The Journal also reports a former principal at the time "chuckling" when he learned the supplies were still in that very room.

What's to become of the hoard now? Flake suggests the stash be disposed of before some "knucklehead" tries to eat it.

Watch the Auburn Journal's video tour here.

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