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Al Gore's favorite scientist fails miserably


In my new episode of Stutistics I tackle global warming Gore advisor, Dr. James Hansen and his unbelievable fail of a prediction on global temperatures.

In case you missed the debut a few weeks ago,  Stutistics is my new series on GBTV that gives you a shareable, digestable, and understandable way to absorb stats that will help defeat your annoying friends in arguments. All in 3 minutes or less.

That’s plenty of time to debunk a fantastic fail of a prediction by global warming darling, Dr. James Hansen in episode 2 of Stutistics.

In 1988, Hansen predicted three different scenarios in regards to how the global temperature would be affected if we didn’t attempt to stop manmade global warming.  He failed.

See the details here--and thank you for not printing my blog…you just saved the entire environment from catastrophic global warming. Congratulations.

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