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Beck to Reveal What's in Store After Muslim Brotherhood Reigns Victorious in Egypt


"The Republican establishment is worthless."

On Monday evening's Glenn Beck Program, Glenn Beck will break down in painstaking detail, what lies in store for Israel, the West and the world at large after the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential victory in Egypt. Those familiar with The Blaze and GBTV know that Beck and his network have long anticipated the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power and the grave threats the Islamic group poses, often suffering vilification by members of the mainstream media and even those who consider themselves conservatives (like Bill Kristol) for delivering predictions that have since come true.

During his Monday morning radio broadcast, Beck previewed an article that will be released on The Blaze later today outlining those who accurately assessed the Muslim Brotherhood threat early on, as well as those who dismissed the militant Islamic group as a largely "secular," peaceful organization. Of note, Beck took the opportunity to blast New York Times columnist David Brooks, who called Beck's views on the Brotherhood "wacky." Despite the sweeping changes that are slated to take place as soon as Mohammad Morsi takes office, including replacing Egypt's national anthem with the anthem of the Islamic caliphate, among other disturbing theocratic mandates, naysayers will likely still mock the people who recognized the Muslim Brotherhood's true colors all along.

Be sure to tune into GBTV as well as The Blaze at 5:00 p.m. E.T. for more on what is in store, along with a review of the people who were "so blind" they couldn't see it coming," as well as those who "got it right."


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