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Real News From The Blaze:' Muslim Brotherhood Wins Presidency in Egypt, What Now?


Former Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi began official business Monday as Egypt's president-elect, tapping officials to form a new government as Egypt’s first civilian president. Despite congratulatory calls from President Obama, there is still a concern about Egypt in the White House as the nation's ruling military is yet to hand over full powers to the Islamist, Morsi recently voiced interest in restoring long-severed ties with Tehran, and fears mount regarding the treatment of non-Muslims under Morsi.

Morsi has said he will take a more moderate approach, claiming he will consider Coptic Christians, young pro-democracy types and even women to be in his cabinet. But beyond the surface many reports suggest officials are actually worried about what this official victory means for the region. Joined by Eric Trager from Cairo, the "Real News" panel discussed Monday what policies we can expect from Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and where there may be concerns regarding Egypt and it's relationship with the United States and her allies.

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