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An Axis to Stick It In': The Most Entertaining Piece of World War II-Era Hitler Memorabilia Invented


"They say it's good luck to find a pin, but here's one Axis you'll get a lot of fun putting it in."

They just don't do wartime patriotism like they used to. Whereas today, most wars involve nothing more interesting than the occasional bland country Western song, the 30's saw some of the most imaginative ways to whip up patriotic furor (and indeed, to whip up disgust at the enemy) ever devised. And no, not just by putting Donald Duck in a Nazi uniform:

Though speaking of humor at the expense of the Nazis, the Daily Mail has uncovered yet one more piece of anti-Nazi memorabilia that gave even former President Franklin D. Roosevelt chuckles, and would probably do the same for anyone alive today. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Adolf Hitler...as a pin cushion:

Seriously, that's real. In fact, Roosevelt apparently even had one on his desk. More photos, courtesy of the Daily Mail, follow:

While this hilariously disturbing item originally retailed for about 69 cents, today you'll be hard pressed to find one for under $50. In fact, one of these pin cushions retailed for over $400. Also, entertainingly enough, these weren't the only items produced by this company with the intention of mocking the Fuhrer. Others included a 'Squealing Hitler' piggy bank that would start yelling incoherently in German when money was put into it, and a statue of Hitler as a skunk, or "Der Phew-rer."

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