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Bizarre: Mysterious Ad Campaign Alleges Animal-Lovers, the Smug 'Deserve to Die


"No one understands it. People ask us what the hell is it about."

CBS is reporting on a new and "thought-provoking" ad campaign popping up in big cities like Chicago and New Orleans that they say has "ticked off quite a few people."

"Cat Lovers Deserve to Die" one of the advertisements reads.  Apparently, people with tattoos, the smug, "hipsters," and "crazy old aunts" all received similar treatment.

Though there is no organization identified on the posters, a website that displays the posters reads: “Every year 160,000 lives are lost to a deadly disease.  They didn’t ask for it, but many people seem to think they deserved it.”  The url is the condensed phrase of "no one deserves to die."

Many think the advertisements are from the Lung Cancer Alliance-- some websites say the posters have the organization's logo on them, others don't-- but its significance is still being lost on many.

"No one understands it. People ask us what the hell is it about. And we say we don't know what the hell it is about," said Brad Steuerwald, who is one of the owners of a flag shop near one of the posters.

Others are saying the posters could incite violence in cities where crime rates are already staggeringly high.

“Nobody deserves to die; come on, that’s a hell of a statement,” Kyle Rothfus said.

CBS has more information, and shows images of more of the ads, below:


Reports indicate that some have been so disgruntled by the campaign that they've started ripping down the posters, while others merely await Thursday's revelation of who is responsible.

"It could set someone off. I don't know, a mentally unstable person or whatever," one bus passenger said.  Another commented: "Kids don't need to see it. They don't need to think it's okay to kill anyone."

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