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Unplanned Show: Fireworks Tent Sounded Like a 'War Zone' After Explosives Went Off


"bouncing off of houses and stuff."

(Image: Dave McHenry via CBS Local)

Officials are unsure what sparked it, but all it would have taken is one firework to set off the chain reaction of explosions that occurred in the tent on a highway near Chester, West Virginia, over the weekend. No one was hurt in the accidental show that shut down the highway.

CBS Local reports the incident happened Saturday night and lasted for about 30 minutes. Some described the show as looking like a "war zone" -- or at least sounding like one.

The report indicates some cars and homes were hit but no real damage was done.

Dave McHenry, who was driving by the scene at the time, said a cop car was present when he arrived and described the explosives as "bouncing off the cop car," then "going up over the hill," and "bouncing off of houses and stuff. It was crazy.”

Here is cellphone video in the CBS report that McHenry took:

The fire marshall is investigating who owned the tent and what could have caused the fire to start in the first place. The reporter speculates a cigarette butt or ashes from the bar next store could have caused the fireworks show.

(H/T: Drudge Report)

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