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5 Minutes With... Jonah Goldberg: Introducing a new web series -- we think


I'm going to experiment with you. You, the readers, are about to decide my fate. Sort of.

I've decided to produce a new web series called "5 Minutes With... ." The concept: every week I'll take five minutes and ask someone five questions. Sometimes it might be one of Glenn Beck's guests, other times it might be an interesting Beck staffers offering a behind-the-scenes look. And who knows, other times it could be a person of your choosing.

The first installment features prominent conservative author, and National Review Online stalwart, Jonah Goldberg. His new book, "The Tyranny of Cliches," is out now. When he stopped by the Glenn Beck studios in Dallas this week, I grabbed him for "5 Minutes With... ." Ironically, it ended up being a little more then five minutes. But Goldberg did explain that the cliche "if it saves one child's life it's worth it" is his most hated. Oh, and he calls Tom Friedman an "ass kisser."



So what do you think?

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