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Fox News' Megyn Kelly Details How the Supreme Court Makes Its Rulings


"...Chief Justice Roberts changed the future of the country on this law..."

This morning, while covering the landmark Supreme Court decision that upheld President Barack Obama's health care law, Fox News' Megyn Kelly delved into the way in which the justices make their influential rulings. Kelly explained the process that follows immediately after the group hears opposing arguments for a particular case.

"The way they decide, when they go back into the conference after the argument took place, the justices sit down. Only the nine of them go into a room," she explained. "The Chief Justice starts the discussion as the most senior justice. He is given the opportunity to speak first, to cast his vote first. And then they go around the table in order of seniority."

Kelly also highlighted that the taxation argument clearly captured Roberts' attention.

"One wonders whether...on that day, at that moment, Chief Justice Roberts changed the future of the country on this law by being the first and the conservative justice to say I believe the law stands based on the Congress' taxing power," she continued.

Watch her explanation, below:

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