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Still a BFD': Obama Campaign Plugs Obscene T-Shirts In Reaction to Obamacare Ruling


BFD stands for "Big f***ing deal."

While surfing the Obama campaign's Twitter this evening, we came across the following:

Can't read it? No problem. Let us help you out with this zoomed in version:

For those who don't remember, "BFD" stands for "Big F***ing Deal," which is a reference to a line that Vice President Joe Biden was caught uttering in Obama's ear while the latter signed Obamacare into law. In other words, the Twitter feed for a sitting President just used an obscenity.

At first we thought this was probably the result of someone at Obama campaign headquarters having one too many celebratory beverages, or possibly the result of the account getting hacked. Unfortunately, not only is it not that, but it's a deliberate fundraising ploy. The Obama campaign has literally created shirts to the effect of this simple Tweet, and the place to buy them is what the link leads to. Not convinced? Here's a picture:

Dignity in victory is apparently a nonexistent concept at Obama campaign headquarters. And apparently this isn't even the first time they've tweeted this exact message, with these exact shirts. Dignity in general may be a foreign concept as well.

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