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Real News From The Blaze:' SCOTUS ObamaCare Ruling and Down-Ballot Races


On Thursday the "Real News" panel analyzed how the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act will affect the general election politics and campaigns of President Obama and Mitt Romney. But what about the political fallout for the down-ballot races where we could see big gains for conservatives and the GOP in 2012 like 2010?

The decision has already been an over $4million fundraising jackpot for Romney and the RNC, and unlike the presidential candidate hampered down to a degree by policy enacted as Massachusetts Governor, the majority of down-ballot candidates will have no obstacles to hammering Democratic opponents and supporters of the president for a law which polls find to be unpopular. With high employment and efforts by Romney to make voters go to the ballot box this November with the economy on their mind, it may not help Democrats that the Court labeled the mandate a tax. One of up to 20 other tax hikes in the healthcare law.

"Real News" was joined by Tara Setmayer, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s communication director, and journalist Marinka Peschmann. Watch a clip from the discussion Friday on what may be a potential silver lining from the ruling for Conservatives as it relates to Congressional elections, and the tax issues that come up in the law that will add to an economic focus dominating campaigns this summer and fall:


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