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See New Yorkers Trip & Fall on a Tricky Subway Step in This Hilarious Video Montage


"I almost bust my entire behind on that step."

Filmmaker Dean Peterson noticed something very odd about the subway stop near his home. Nearly every day, he would see people very literally tripping up the stairs. So, he decided to take out his camera and create a montage of hustling and bustling New Yorkers falling and losing their footing as they strolled up the rogue staircase.

"The subway station I use everyday has something very peculiar about it," a graphic proclaims at the start of Peterson's epic montage. "One of the stairs is a fraction of an inch higher than the others -- making it just high enough so EVERYONE trips on it."

In the video, you'll see people from all walks of life who seem completely dumbfounded after the misfit step fails them. The filmmaker was apparently able to capture 17 people losing step over a one-hour period.

Watch the comical clip, below:

CNN caught up with Peterson this week to discuss the video, which is making its viral rounds on blogs and news sites.

"I felt bad videotaping some of the people," he told the network. "Luckily nobody got hurt."

One of the victims of the problematic staircase spoke up, too, telling CNN, "I almost bust my entire behind on that step."

Here's the CNN report:

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