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We Let the Tea Party Steal Our Thunder': Eliot Spitzer Can't Understand Why Liberalism Isn't 'Persuading the Public


"It's Rush Limbaugh, it's Glenn Beck, it's the Tea Party movement."

Former disgraced governor of New York and "Viewpoint" host Eliot Spitzer wants to know why the Tea Party movement continues to pick up steam, while liberal ideology sputters -- even though the latter is "absolutely bulletproof logically."

While the answer may seem obvious enough to some, Spitzer explained his theory on his Current TV show Monday -- and no, it's not because the United States of America was founded on conservative principles or because extreme liberalism and progressivism turns everything it touches into rubble.

Spitzer says the Left has been unable to effectively communicate its message to voters.

"On health care, on markets, on regulating Wall Street -- We have an argument that is absolutely bulletproof logically and yet we are not persuading the public. Why?," Spitzer pondered.

While our readers probably have a myriad of answers for him, the show's guest Thomas Frank, columnist for Harper's Magazine and author of "Pity the Billionaire," told Spitzer it's because of people like Glenn Beck.

"This is the biggest problem facing liberalism in my view: I mean you've watched over the course of our lifetimes, watched this movement shrink and basically almost die because you go to a place like Wichita, Kansas, and our message isn't there," Frank explained.

What voices are there, according to Frank? "It's Rush Limbaugh, it's Glenn Beck, it's the Tea Party movement." While it's hard to tell if his comments were more of a knock on the state of Kansas or Beck and Limbaugh, either way the argument seems nonsensical.

"Can I tell you my theory?" Spitzer asked. "We let the Tea Party steal our thunder."

"We let the Tea Party grab the anger, the animus and the venom when it should've been ours, and you know why?," he asked. "We were chicken, we were afraid, we were lilly-livered, had no backbone, no spine, the Democratic party that was owned and bought by wall street."

Then denying that the Tea Party movement was a grassroots effort, Frank argued that "these guys," likely meaning the rich, created the movement to serve their own self-interests.

Some would argue that the American people's resentment towards their federal government is not for sale. Resentment manifests itself when the people sense that their government is out of control and is no longer representing the people who elected its officials in the first place.

Watch Spitzer and his guest try to figure out why liberalism just isn't sticking, courtesy of Current TV:

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