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Craigslist Joe': Documentary Shows Man Living at Mercy of Craigslist for 31 Days


"Would America help Joe? Could he survive with nothing, apart from the goodwill of others?"

If you had to live solely off the mercy of others with no money or contacts and only your computer, cellphone, toothbrush and clothing, where would you turn given today's technological age? Craigslist?

A new documentary produced by actor Zach Galifianakis, shows the journey of one man trying to do just that for 31 days. Joe Garner has to rely on the digital classifieds site for food, shelter, companionship, a mode of personal hygiene and other basic human needs. With no money, he would have to barter services or simply be gifted the items he needed.

As the "Craigslist Joe" website puts it, Garner "lived for a month looking for alms in America’s new town square" in 2009. The documentary will answer your questions like "Would America help Joe? Could he survive with nothing, apart from the goodwill of others?"

Here's more of a description from the documentary's website:

Through his explorations, Joe gained insights into our collective psyche, and took the pulse of an anxious nation teetering on a knife’s edge of hope and uncertainty. Joe encountered a diversity of unique stories that reveal the layered mosaic of our national identity. He observes some of the most challenging issues facing our country today – from new economic realities to the continued reconstruction of New Orleans to the effect of America’s presence in Iraq. His experiences raise profound questions about who we are as a society and where we are headed, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

Check out the trailer for the film that will be released to theaters August 2:

The documentary will be available for download through iTunes in August as well.

(H/T: Wired)

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