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Photograph or Painting? See If You Can Tell the Difference in These 11 Hyperrealistic Works of Art


"...tends to elicit double takes"

Pedro Campos is well-known in the world of photorealistic paintings. Many who have written on his work claim that they have to look twice to confirm his paintings aren't photographs. But even after a second look, it's still difficult to tell the difference.

Can you tell these are just oil on canvas?

Campos' most recent exhibition at the Plus One Gallery's "Hyperrealism Now" in London "tends to elicit double takes," as the gallery puts it. The Plus One Gallery represents Campos, among other artists.

John Seed, an art and art history professor, wrote on Campos for the Huffington Post a few years ago explaining that it wasn't until the painter was in his 30s -- he's now in his mid-40s -- that he began oil paintings. Before then, he had been an artwork restorer, worked as an illustrator for ad companies, and more:

"I think the influence of restoration in developing my own way of painting has been important," says Campos. "The restoration of lost areas in antique paintings forces you to seek excatitude in color: any personal intervention should go unnoticed." Restoration also taught Campos to strive for an "overall reality" and to subdue his brushwork.

Check out more of Campos' work here.

(H/T: So Bad So Good)

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