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Hilarious: An interview with 'Mitt Romney


In the dizzying debate Team Romney seems to be having with itself over the ObamaCare mandate/tax -- It's a mandate, not a tax! No, I mean, it's a tax and mandate! No, wait, it's a taxish mandate thingy! . . . Or something -- the candidate and his peeps have received well-deserved criticism from the Left and the Right.

"The Mike O'Meara Show," a brilliant daily podcast from a few veteran radio guys (if the name sounds familiar, O'Meara was half of the uber-talented radio duo on the nationally syndicated "Don & Mike Show" -- one of greatest radio shows of all time), had a hilarious phone interview with "Mitt Romney" at the start of today's program. The GOP standard-bearer had trouble getting his story straight on the mandate/tax and, well, just about everything else.

Yes, the show leans to the Left (when they happen to get political), but who cares? It's funny, well done, and these guys know their stuff -- and I'm not just talking about the Romney bit. If you like irreverent "guy talk" (radio has such stupid names for show categories) and are open to hearing the other side give our side a hard time every once in a while (c'mon, we have to be able to laugh at ourselves), these guys are the best.

Click here to listen.

Thank me later.

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