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Updated: See What Happens When This Singer Can't Quite Reach the Final Notes of 'God Bless America



During a 4th of July baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers, the man picked to sing "God Bless America" (who appears to be an Air Force member) has what we're going to call a "technical malfunction": his voice cracks during the song’s big conclusion.

And it cracks bad:

Now, let's cut the guy some slack. He actually has a good singing voice and just, well, his vocal cords simply give out on him. It’s not like he forgot the lyrics to one of our nation’s great songs, or purposely botched it, or tried to put his own “artsy” spin on it. His voice simply messes up at the very end (we can forgive him for that, right?).

Kind of makes you want to give the guy a hug.

Oh, and while we're pointing out some small mistakes, we thought we should also note that whoever controls CBSNewsOnline YouTube account is unaware that "God Bless America" is not, in fact, our nation's anthem:

UPDATE -- Like we mentioned earlier, we only needed to hear some of his rendition of "God Bless America" to know that he had a good singing voice. Now it's time for what some call "web redemption":

Boom. There you go.

As you can see, before his voice gave out during the final notes of "God Bless America," he absolutely nailed the "National Anthem." And for what it's worth, we think his version of our nation's anthem is a lot better than some of the stuff we've heard from our glitzy pop stars.

(H/T: TeamLeader021)

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