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Video Pop Quiz: Do Hipsters in Brooklyn Know What the 'God Particle' Is? Their Answers Will Have You Laughing


"Is it a piece of art?"

Do you know what the Higgs boson is? Does it jog your memory if we identify it as the "God particle"?

There was what the scientific community would consider a rather important announcement regarding the theoretical particle this week, so it might be a safe assumption that many people have at least heard the term "Higgs boson," right?

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The website Motherboard wanted to know just how many people could guess what the Higgs boson was in Brooklyn. Its interns took to the streets to film the answers from many people it identifies as "hipsters."

Here are a few of their answers:

  • "A building, maybe?"
  • "Is that, like, an animal."
  • "Is it a piece of art?"
  • "A famous, German entrepreneur."
  • "Some sort of creepy European man that goes around flashing people."
  • " might be something cool."

Watch the "Hipster Pop Quiz" (Content Warning: Some strong language):

Out of all the people interviewed, only two got it right. The best answer: "It's that little particle they discovered in that hadron collider." How did this responder know about the particle? "I read the news," she said.

As the Motherboard puts it "the results are a bit of a bummer," but it remains optimistic that "maybe things will be different by Monay, when the news has reached full Higgs saturation, and everyone around the world will know what it is."

To help explain the Higgs boson -- a subatomic particle that is expected to provide fundamental answers as to how our universe, as we know it, formed -- watch this a simple explanation from "Minute Physics":

(H/T: io9)

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