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Want to See an Apparently Drunk Heckler Call Allen West a 'Mother F***er' and Give Awful History Lesson on Conservatism?


"I was taking you through it and you cut me off, so it's through the, uh, now it's the anti-gay."

(Source: The Shark Tank)

A seemingly intoxicated heckler holding a beer flipped off Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) before calling him a "bought mother f***er" in front of women and children following West's recitation of the Declaration of Independence during the city of Delray Beach's 4th of July celebration.

West had just shook the hand of a man holding a small child and was preparing to do an interview with a local TV station when the man had his outburst. Not surprisingly, the man was completely alone in his protest.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself," the man says. "You're a bought mother f***er."

"Oh, wow. That's very nice language," West replied.

The Shark Tank, a conservative Florida blog, captured the incident on camera and caught up with the man, referred to as the "angry man with the Miller Lite," and let him explain why he is so upset with Allen West.

Then absolute hilarity ensued.

"He's just bought," the man said. "By poli -- big government, just bought."

The man argued he didn't represent any organization and identified himself unconvincingly as an Independent.

"And you're not going to show this because I'm showing..." he started.

"I am going to show this, absolutely," Shark Tank's Javier Manjarres said from behind the camera. "I'll give you a card, you'll see it tonight."

The "angry man with the Miller Lite" looked shocked and stared blankly at the camera for about five seconds before the wheels in his head started turning. "Who are you filming for?" he asked.

After Manjarres said he was with a conservative blog, the man flipped him off too and started walking away. But Manjarres didn't relent and was able to get the apparently drunk man speaking again, getting some more hysterical footage in the process.

After he was asked to explain his beef with conservatism, the man gathered his thoughts for a moment and said, with slurred speech: "Because um, conservatism has its basis in, in, you know, going against women's suffrage."

He even went on to say that "it took liberals" to fight for women's rights and push anti-slavery measures. However, Manjarres correctly pointed out that it was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who ultimately abolished slavery and it was Democrats who were initially advocates of slavery.

The man's answer? "Back then."

"Slavery hasn't existed since the 1860s," Manjarres replied.

"I'm talking about the history of conservatism. That was my point... I was taking you through it and you cut me off, so it's through the, uh, now it's the anti-gay."

"But you said slavery. Slavery ended in, I believe 1865," said Manjarres. But it just wasn't clicking for the guy.

"I repeat... It was anti-slavery, anti-women's suffrage now anti-gay. Its just always about anti, anti-something," the man replied.

He continued, saying "everyone knows" conservatives are anti-gay and they pass anti-gay legislation.

Then he got vile, saying he wasn't a "f** f***er" but supports the rights of gay people. And without any mentioning of Christianity or the Bible, the man started with the personal attacks on his interviewer when asked about traditional versus gay marriage.

"[Inaudible drunk speech] according to the Bible, traditional marriage is, you can have, you can f*** your slaves and your slaves' wives, so you don't read your f***ing Bible," he added, flipping the camera off again.

"I didn't say I read a Bible," Manjarres replied.

"I know you don't."

"How do you know?"

"It's very clear... because of what you, what you say," the man managed to get out.

Manjarres gave the man the web address of where his embarrassing rant would soon be posted and told him to have a nice day.

"Have a healthy, healthy dose of 'go f*** yourself'," the drunk man added, giving the camera one final middle finger.

Watch all of the hilarious footage below via (obvious CONTENT WARNING):

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