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Shocking Footage Catches Rogue Semi-Truck Slamming Into Gas Pump

Stopped only by the gas station pump. (Image: ABC 15 screenshot)

The passenger in a minivan that was juicing up at an Akron, Ohio, gas station caught the sight of their life last Thursday. What they saw, which was also caught on a Marathon gas station camera, was a large semi-truck losing control, sliding through a stop light and slamming into the gas pump just next to them.

The incident, according to ABC 15, resulted after the 35-year-old driver tried to make a left turn, shifting the load inside and throwing the rig out of balance. Surveillance footage shows the semi going through the stop light, passing two cars that appear to be st0pped there, and flipping onto its side before hitting the gas station pump. It also shows passengers at the gas station rushing out of their car to help the driver of the truck and the reaction of store employees inside.

Watch the scene for yourself:

There were no injuries as a result of the crash. ABC 15 does report the SUV at the stop light suffering some damage.

The headline of this story has been corrected to say "rogue" and not "rouge".

(H/T: AOL Auto; Fox News Insider)

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