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Democrats Using Black People 'Like Whores & Prostitutes' -- Says Furious Black Panther Chairman


"Can the Democratic Party save you?"

In a recent interview on Black Panther radio, New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz lashed out at a new target -- the Democratic Party.

The shocking rant against the DNC began with Shabazz declaring that "the American economy is in a halt" and even "mainstream whites are talking about" our country's decline.  The Chairman goes on to call America a "modern Babylon and a modern Rome."

Shabazz continued by asking his followers "Can the Democratic Party save you?" Here's more:

"Can the Democratic Party really save us, locally and nationally, or are we just holding on because we ain't got nothing better?  Are we just being fired up for this election, to go out here and give some votes, and all of the core concerns of the black community will be thrown to the side when November gets passed?"

The chairman then began to list a series of grievances with democrats, citing the rights of ex-felons and gentrification, whites moving into black neighborhoods, as letdown issues.  Shabazz returned to the point by asking:

"Is the Democratic Party going to help with that?  Is that even on their agenda, on their radar?  Are your concerns being addressed, or are you being used like a whore?  That's the main point here." 

Shabazz reiterated his point by telling his listeners once again:

"We don't want to be used like whores and prostitutes, we have to pay attention -- we have to take charge of our post, accept our own and be ourselves, and stop jiving in bullsh*t."

Listen to the stunning audio, below: 

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