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Do You Miss These Old-School Tech Sounds of Yesteryear? Listen to the Audio


Do you remember what a floppy disc was? No really, do you remember what it sounded like to put the plastic disc into your tower computer sitting on the floor next to your desk and listen as it processed?

These and other sounds are at risk for being lost and never heard again. That is, unless the Museum of Endangered Sounds has anything to say about it.

Business Insider, picking up on this trend, put together some of its favorite, old-school sounds. A few of them are embedded below, but check out their whole post to hear all 11 sounds here.

Floppy disc:


You've Got Mail:

Microsoft Windows:

Visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds website to hear more audio that will make you feel nostalgic for old technology here.

Let us know the sounds you miss the most -- and the ones you don't -- in the comments below.

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