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Why would anyone want to live in California?


Seriously, California -- if you didn't have the good fortune of having nice weather and pretty scenery, I don't know why anyone would otherwise want to live there.

Take for instance this story about the city of Folsom charging hundreds of dollars for people to use 911 emergency services. As Jason points out, people pay taxes with the expectation that services like 911 will be there for them when they need them. But Californians have apparently gotten so used to fiscal irresponsibility that a $225 fee for life-saving services seems par for the course.

But some people are catching on.  Folsom is located in Sacramento County where -- like many other parts of the state -- the number of people moving out of the area (red) has exceeded the number of people moving in (blue):

map via Forbes

Update: Residents who choose to stay in California... well, they do stuff like this.

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