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2016: Obama' Filmmaker Tells Beck About the 'Roots' of Obama's Anti-Colonialism


Is this why he wants to bring America down to size?

Readers of The Blaze have, by now, likely heard that author Dinesh D'Souza is releasing a hard-hitting documentary about President Barack Obama. On Friday evening, Glenn Beck invited D'Souza on the set to discuss his film,“2016: Obama’s America,” and explain the "roots" of Obama's rage against what he deems "colonialist powers." In this instance, Obama places the U.S. in such a category.

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Dubbed by Beck as "the only man who truly understands Obama" because he himself had an "anti-colonialist upbringing," D'Souza dissects the president's hard-and-fast beliefs with facts difficult to refute.


In the second clip below, D'Souza explains why the president believes he is doing the "right thing" by bringing America down to size. "The genius of Obama," according to the author, is that he can do exactly what he wants, but put it in terms that sound innocuous to the American public.

Obama also has "certificates of racial absolution," said D'Souza, meaning that he can come across as a figure who transcends the kind of petty, race-driven dialogue often perpetuated by the likes of Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  This, in turn, brings about a "sycophantic following" among the left.

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