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Frances Fox Piven: Tea Party Wants To 'Take America Back From Those Dark Skinned, Foreign-Looking People


Frances Fox Piven has fired another shot across the Tea Party bow in her latest attempt to make the movement look barbarically racist.

Piven, professor of Sociology at City University Of New York, made some startling accusations about her views on race while speaking on a panel in Stony Brook, N.Y.  Ms. Piven discussed her views about how detrimental the Tea Party is for race relations in America in rather frank terms.

She began by asking the audience and fellow panelists if anyone had been to a Tea Party rally before.

"Well I have," Piven announces, continuing, "And you know what they yell? Take It Back! Take It Back! Take It Back!"

The scholar Piven, went on to explain the dark, racist, xenophobic implications of the popular chant:

"And you know what they'er talking about?  They're talking about taking the country back from those dark skinned foreign-looking people who threaten to become a demographic majority."

Piven goes on to justify her position by saying the states controlled by the "organized Right" are taking away the voting rights of minorities because they don't want "those newcomers to have the vote."

Piven has been a longtime, ardent defender of the Occupy and Labor movements.

Watch her comments, below:

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