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GROSS: Man lived off frogs while lost in desert for weeks

This Wayanad night frog may not be as protected by the Indian government because it is less 'charismatic' compared to animals like the tiger and elephant. (Photo: AP/Systematics, Lab Delhi University, Sathyabhama Das Biju)

Just your Friday dose of gross.

A 28-year-old autistic Colorado man ate frogs to stay alive for at least three weeks while lost in the Escalante Desert of Utah.

William LaFever had called his father on June 6 or 7 to say he was hiking in the Boulder area with his dog, and that someone had stolen some of his hiking gear and he had run out of money. John LaFever told his son to catch a ride to Page to collect the money.

Unbeknownst to his father, William LaFever apparently decided to hike down the Escalante River and then hitch a boat ride along Lake Powell to Page, rather than try to catch a ride, the sheriff's department said.

LaFever was found yesterday emaciated from lack of food but rescuers said he was so desperate for human contact that rather than eat, he wouldn't stop talking.


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